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About me

Daynor Storrier, Creative Director, Founder, Owner, a barefoot designer and Chief ‘Ms Give-a-hoot’ is your primary go-to at Mindful Design Collective.

Daynor believes that design is ultimately about people. “The real beauty of design, for me, is the opportunity to communicate, to connect, maybe even to say something”.

Mindful Design Collective was launched out of a love for helping new businesses to find their voice and discover their brand and visual identity. “My aim is to really engage with the client, to uncover their needs and their challenges and work with them on the journey to achieve their goals”.

Since launching as Label in 2013, the business has naturally grown to focus on sustainability, ethical businesses and brands that share similar values – which is why with the relocation to Singapore in 2017 came the name Mindful Design Collective.

Daynor is a proud mother of two and a lover of red wine, plant based food, indoor rock climbing, contradictions, etymology and thoughts on thinking.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainable and ethical business practices are at the core of what we do, and work with clients who share similar beliefs. Why not strive to leave the world a better place than when we started?

Going green is good for the world and can help you to connect to your customers. But more and more research it pointing to it being good for your bottom line as well.

We are leaders in sustainable packaging solutions and can guide you on green hosting and sustainable design and printing solutions.

Get in touch today for a no obligation chat about how we can help your business achieve it’s sustainability goals through design, print and hosting.

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